Tailgating is Stupid

It takes a vehicle traveling at 60 mph a minimum of 240 feet to come to a safe stop. The first 60 feet is the time it takes you to realize that you need to stop, and then it takes 180 feet for the vehicle to completely stop. If the road is wet or your vehicle is over-sized, these distances increase significantly. Wet roadways can take up to four times as long for the vehicle to stop. The bottom line is that it takes a long time to stop a moving vehicle.  If you are traveling too closely, you are going to crash if the vehicle in front of you comes to a sudden stop.

Medical Card and your license

When you renew your DOT Medical Card it must be submitted to your State that issued your Driver’s License.  There’s usually a couple of ways to do this including: In Person, Online, Mail or Fax. The best method would be to do it in person so that you know they received it and it was applied to your driver’s license.  If your medical is not applied to your license in a timely manner it will result in a loss of your CDL. Avoid the pain of getting a ticket and put out of service or having to retake all of the CDL testing again.

Make sure the medical is applied to your CDL before the expiration date.  

Top Safety Violations

Again speeding is the top 2 violations Freerksen Trucking have received in the last 18 months. DOT and Local Law Enforcement are targeting speeding in commercial trucks.  With the ELD it seems that driving over the speed limit is the answer to get the most miles a day but just one speeding ticket could cost hundreds of dollars and potentially your job.  It is not worth the risk.

Safety Is Your Responsibility