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July 2019

CSA Scores

Freerksen Trucking’s CSA is based on driver performance and has a big impact on whether or not you are inspected.  Being inspected increases your chances of having a violation. See the correlation???

Safety Measurement System

The SMS (Safety Measurement System) is a program the FMCSA uses to “grade” and monitor a carrier’s performance and the likelihood of roadside or local inspections. 

Lasting Impact

Every inspection that you undergo is kept on this record for 2 years and all violations, whether warnings or tickets impact the score for the fleet.  For example, on April 22nd a driver was issued a warning for two violations (Lane Restriction and Speeding 15 or More). That violation alone accumulated 39 points, 9 points for the lane restriction and 30 points for the speeding violation.  Mind you, no ticket was issued and it still has a huge impact. On April 4th a driver was issued a warning for “Using a hand-held mobile telephone while operating a CMV” and that accumulated 30 points. As you can see they put speeding and using a mobile device at the same weight.  As time passes the points reduce until they fall off in two years. In the case of the mobile phone violation it will step down from 30 points to 20 points in 6 months and then 10 points in one year.      

Due Process and DataQ

When no ticket is issued, you are not really given “due process” to defend yourself against the charges or violations.  The FMCSA does maintain a system to “contest” any errors on your record in the form of DataQ. DataQ is a website you can use to review and contest any mistakes that are reported on your PSP record. If you feel there are mistakes, you can learn more about the process at

Accident Reporting

If you are involved in an accident, even a minor accident, it is important to document everything.  This includes names and personal information of all people involved, including any witnesses. Taking pictures of all vehicles and damage, pictures of the scene and weather conditions.  You must report all accidents to Chris right away.  If it is a DOT Reportable accident (any vehicle towed, injuries or fatalities) you will need to submit to Drug and Alcohol testing.

Safety Bonus

Any violations or accidents will result in your safety bonus being taken away.  That can add up to a lot of money being lost. For example 2500 miles a week with a .02cpm safety bonus is $50 a week and $200 a month loss of income for a violation or accident that was avoidable.  On the other hand if you receive a clean inspection you are given $25. Which would you rather have??



In order for Freerksen Trucking to operate smoothly and to keep you going, it is imperative that you communicate with us any issues you might be having, any time off requests or holiday plans.  If you don’t say anything, it makes it hard to plan for it and either loads are going to be late or you will be sitting idle.


ELD Transition


Over the next couple of months we will be transitioning from the AOBR mode to the ELD mode on the Peoplenet system.  Not much is going to change as far as the unit. The most important change is going to be that you will not be able to change driving statuses and any movement over 5 mph will trigger a driving event.  Before the rollout, you will be trained on the differences and operation of the ELD. 

Safety Meetings: We are going to try to have a Safety Meeting monthly, more details to come……                                                                        


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