October 2019

FMCSA CDL Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse

Starting January 6th 2020 Drivers will be required to create an account with the FMCSA CDL Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse database.  It will be required for the following….


  • Provide electronic consent to release detailed drug and/or alcohol violation information in your clearinghouse record to a current or prospective employer (when an employer conducts a full query).
  • Review your own clearinghouse record and initiate the process to revise or remove incorrectly entered information.
  • Identify a substance abuse professional to report on return to duty activities, if you have an unresolved drug and alcohol program violation in your clearinghouse record.

It is completely free for drivers to register and use.

Car driving trough forest highway in snowstorm

Winter Driving Tips

Winter is fast approaching, or already here for some.  Couple of things to think about as the temperature is dropping.

    1. Make sure you have extra food and clothing in your trucks in case of any breakdowns or road closures.
    2. Give yourself additional time to reach your destination.  Check conditions and reroute if necessary. 
    3. Check your bunk heater, make sure it is working now before the cold really sets in. 
    4. Use the brakes and accelerator lightly.  Use extreme caution when approaching bridges and over passes.
    5. Make sure you have extra washer fluid in your truck, you usually run out at the worst time. 





ELD Transition Training

Please login to the Driver’s portal and complete the required training on the ELDs.  The deadline for the transition is on December 17th. There are a couple of different section under the ELD section, WinCE and Android.  If your unit is the one with the buttons on the bottom then it is a WinCE unit. The portal can be accessed by going to the Freerksen Trucking website https://freerksentrucking.com/courses/eld-transition-training-windows/

Your User Name is the last 4 of your social and the default password is freerksen


The biggest difference between the ELD and AOBR modes with the PeopleNet systems is….


  • All Unidentified Driving will be displayed to the DOT, driver and Freerksen.
  • The unit will automatically switch over to driving at 5 mph
  • Driving events can not be edited at all.
  • During Roadside Inspections you will be sending your last 8 days to the FMCSA. 
  • Ability to display the unit or logs to DOT outside of your truck.


Ultimately the main thing to be aware of is the Automatic Drive status, when at shippers/receivers or truck stops the unit will record anything over 5 mph as driving.

Healthy Tips for Long Haul Drivers 

Get Enough Sleep

Avoid Energy Drinks 


Drink Plenty of Water

Quit Smoking

Wear Sunscreen and Glasses

Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Take Daily Vitamins 

Find time to unwind


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