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HOS Training

Hours of Service Training for Commercial Drivers


PeopleNet ELD Training

Driver Fatigue

Driver Fatigue Recognition and Prevention

Eye On Speed and space

What role does Speed and Space have with Commercial Drivers?

Distracted Driving

Even more deadly then Driving While Intoxicated?

Cargo Securement

How to safety secure cargo in such a way to protect the cargo and stop cargo loss.

Spotted Lanternfly

Required training for travelling through Eastern Pennsylvania.

Fleet Fuel Mileage

Fuel Mileage 6.0

Fuel Mileage Goal is 6.50 mpg

Safety Meeting

March 13th 2020¬† 1:00pm in the Driver’s Lounge.


Paperwork Upload

Submit Bill of Laden and Trip Reports

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FMCSA Scores

FMCSA Scores as of August 8th, 2019

Unsafe Driving
65% Intervention Threshold 52%
Crash Indicator
65% Intervention Threshold 25%
Hours of Service Compliance
65% Intervention Threshold 47%
Vehicle Maintenance
80% Intervention Threshold 45%
Driver Fitness
80% Intervention Threshold 0%

Driver Scoreboard

September 2019

Driver NameFuel EconomyMoving Fuel EconomyLong Idle %Sudden Stop AlarmsDriver HOS Violations CountDriver OTHER Violations CountsTotal Score
Ackley, Jameson7.27.418.07%
Allen, Jeff6.16.851.86%
Andrew Smith5.76.241.20%
Anthony, Steve5.76.540.63%
Armstrong, Donnie5.86.865.12%
Armstrong, Jeffrey5.56.154.69%
Bays, Steven5.16.364.59%
Bernard Kreidermacher7.27.57.91%
Bradford, Timothy6.67.246.10%
Burke, Josh5.96.750.45%
Burtis, Ray6.47.257.91%
Byer, Jim6.66.912.57%
Clarahan, Kyle5.65.717.07%
Comeaux, Cody6.57.049.72%
Dean Smith5.26.058.62%
Derry, Randy6.87.012.43%
Derry, Ricky6.36.633.63%
Dolan, Patrick5.86.660.67%
Ehler, Kollin6.47.049.13%
Esquivel, Aniceto7.17.13.35%
Everett, Chad5.05.970.73%
Faulkner, Chad6.57.044.13%
Flores, Manuel5.56.253.61%
Foster, David5.36.055.69%
Freerksen, Mark6.36.410.48%
Good, Rusty6.78.349.83%
Greaves, Gary6.16.439.21%
Hebert, Donald1.41.60.00%
Heilemann, Thomas7.626.44.25%
Hobbs, Rodney5.26.471.60%
Humphreys, Dan5.97.172.92%
Janson, Mark6.57.360.62%
Jeremy Wilkemeyer7.17.414.64%
Juers, Pete6.16.432.52%
Keeler, John5.96.864.28%
Kimball, Rickey6.47.663.51%
Landaw, Phillip6.16.850.30%
Lyons, Chad5.96.015.23%
Marquette, Mark6.16.431.92%
Marr, Marco7.27.313.75%
Marsh, Johnny6.07.058.61%
Martin, Devon4.24.765.27%
Martin, Shawn4.56.080.05%
Mathis, Alan7.37.833.79%
McIntosh, John7.37.48.26%
Mecum, James6.06.750.00%
Millis, Eric6.26.316.79%
Morris, David6.27.159.32%
Muller, Duane6.26.39.54%
Mundt, Randy5.96.851.29%
Nolan, Brian6.06.653.98%
Opry, Dustin5.56.159.94%
Owens, Misty5.67.068.19%
Pryor, Blake5.16.331.66%
Reponen, Arnold6.77.246.37%
Rieck, Kevin6.87.234.48%
Riess, Evan6.36.846.64%
Ripley, Mike6.87.554.72%
Robertson, Christopher5.96.750.80%
Roger Freerksen6.66.722.53%
Rowe, Kevin5.76.410.85%
Schoumaker, Randy6.06.654.99%
Schuette, Brandon5.76.554.34%
Schwab, Darren5.76.459.94%
Sexter, Justin6.16.914.13%
Skindelien, Jesse5.66.860.71%
Stark, Curtis5.86.561.18%
Stoffer, Jerame5.45.516.23%
Throop, Christopher5.46.157.46%
Viker, Todd5.56.051.15%
Wickwire, Jim5.25.652.25%
Williams, James6.07.166.93%
Witter, Jake7.37.815.20%
Zahorik, Aaron6.16.326.62%